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Post  Neko-sama on Tue May 22, 2012 11:48 pm

For the most part the way I will let the stories work is the creator of the post will act like the Administrator for the post. They will decided the rules (except the no god moding that is mandatory) for their story and they will be allowed to enforce them. I will back the creator in most cases unless they are breaking a rule. Just have fun, and be mindful of other people's feelings and we'll all get along smashingly.

Pick Co-author or Single author:
  • Co-author - Meaning that there will be more than one writer. Please also state if this is open for any authors or a closed story.

  • Single author - Will be used for when you have a story of your own that you would like to share to get feed back on. A post in 'Story in Progress' should be made and then linked to your first post for people to leave you feed back.

Basics we need to know:
  • Main Plot Line - If it's a co-authored story and is open for anyone to write this will be needed

  • Rating (ex: PG, PG13, Rated R)

  • Rules and Regulations

Other stuff you might want to add:
  • Style of writing - Script, Paragraph, Anything goes, ect

Feel free to add any extra information you feel we need to know about your story. The more your fellow writers know what you want to achieve the smoother things will flow. However, please at least have the Basic info filled in before starting a story. Any story that is lacking these will run the risk of being removed. Also if you have an idea, but need to fluff it out some more go toss ideas around with other writers in the Brain Storming section.

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